What We Do

Team 33 Production offers a wide range of production services to cater to various events.

Multi-camera event coverage

We provide full audio and ISO camera recording for events such as sports, e-gaming, music concerts, awards ceremonies, corporate events, and shiny floor TV formats.

Live Streaming Services

Our live streaming services enable clients to reach a broader audience beyond the physical venue.

We use cutting-edge technology to provide seamless streaming services, ensuring viewers have an unforgettable experience.

Shiny Floor TV Formats

Our company is fully equipped to handle shiny floor TV formats, making us the perfect choice for anyone looking for a professional production company for their television shows.

Equipment Rental

We offer equipment rental services for events, including production and uplink truck rental.

Our teams of professionals provide assistance with the setup and operation of the equipment. Our equipment is well maintained.

LED Screen Rentals

The screens are 60% transparent and this allows for robust designs and usage.

We have the ability to rig lights and props behind the LEDs and this gives your design elements a more immersive experience.

Rental Options

We offer two options : Hire and Full Hire

Hire: We transport setup according to your design, tear down, and transport back.

Full hire: We work with you on your design and build specific content for your application in addition to transportation, setup, usage, and teardown.

Production Consultancy

We provide consulting services to help clients plan and execute successful events. Our team of experts can provide advice on event planning, media production and live streaming.